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Korean Wave Jepun Ayu Salon

This Korean Wave creates volume in hair with smooth, natural, bouncy and permanent waves - want to know how long it lasts? Let's check the video.

Change Color with Color Mask

The option of refreshing hair color can be done with a color mask, which is a hair mask that contains coloring.

Styling Korean Wave Tips at Home

3D Steam Smooth Blow at Home

These tips will be able to help you styling your 3D STEAM SMOOTH BLOW results at home everyday.

Hair Spa Tips at Home

HAIR SPA is not only carried out at the salon, but for those of you who don't have time to go to the salon, you can do it at home with these tips that

Temporary Hair Loss Solutio

How to treat hair that has temporary hair loss

Solution for Chronic Hair Loss

Intensive scalp care for chronic hair loss problems due to external and internal factors.

Oily Scalp Solution

How to treat hair for oily scalp problems.

Sensitive Scalp Problem

How to treat hair for sensitive scalp problems.

Dandruff Hair Solution

How to treat hair for dandruff scalp problems.