About Us

Hi I’m Surya Anggreni, I’m the owner and founder of JEPUNAYU Hair Design + Makeup salons in Bali.

As a modern Balinese married woman who loves working hard and learning as well as responsible wife and mother of 3 young kids; my aim is to be independent and support my family for our best future.

I really thankful that I have a lovely generous husband Made Arditya and parents who always support my passions especially in hair styling; so I could reached my dream built my own business of hair design and makeup.

I grow my own business start from my hobby in hair styling, I love hair design and coloring as hair is a very important part of a person’s personality, it presents the person’s character.

I registered officially my salon business name JEPUNAYU Hair Design + Makeup. JEPUNAYU comes from the words of ‘Jepun’ and ‘Ayu’. Jepun is a Balinese flower Frangipani that is ‘Fragrant’, and Ayu is my nickname, which also means ‘Beautiful’. So the meaning of the word ‘JEPUNAYU’ is ‘Beauty and Fragrance given to every customer from my sincere service’.

Currently as of this August 2020, I have 3 salons with 35 staff and 15 trainees, and if possible I plan to expand my business and build more branches in the future. This success cannot be separated from the hard work of my team and customers’ trust in JEPUNAYU Hair Design + Makeup.

So my VISION is to establish and develop an international standard hair salon and make-up in Bali and my MISSION is to help women and men have healthy, beautiful and stylish hair to highlight their personal characteristics, I am also happy to open job opportunities and educate talented young people as a professional hair stylist with the latest technology.

My motto is to INSPIRATE, INNOVATE and EDUCATE to share knowledge with others; like the life cycle we have to keep moving in order to survive.

I want to share my success story to encourage everyone to dream big and make it happen.

Find my notable achievements below during my business trip.


  • JEPUNAYU Hair Design + Makeup salon was founded by Surya Anggreni in Denpasar on February 2006 as one of my part-time activities as accounting in a private company.
  • In 2009, I stopped working and went on to study Hair Dressing + Makeup at the RS.
  • In 2013, after completing my education, I directly run the salon with 2 staff and 4 seats.
  • In the same year 2013, I won for a Bridal Makeup competition in Cosmo Beauty event in Jakarta.
  • Year 2014, focus on makeup.
  • In 2015, Got focus on hair styling and getting to know L’Oreal and joined the Indonesian hairdresser community.
  • In 2016, attending the Color Trophy for the first time in Jakarta brought more insight into the world of hair and education.
  • In 2016, creating Steam Smooth Blow products.
  • December 2016, renovating the JEPUNAYU Hair Design + Makeup salon in Denpasar to 14 seats.
  • During 2016 took part in the color certification program level 1, 2, 3 and various hair workshops in Bali.
  • February 2017, took part in the graduation color certification program at L’Oreal Academy Jakarta.
  • Still in the year 2017 I joined various national and international hair workshops with L’Oreal and the Indonesian hairdresser community.
  • November 2017 JEPUNAYU Hair Design + Makeup Salon launched a second branch in Berawa, Badung.
  • April 2018 Participated in Cutting workshop in Japan.
  • May 2018 participated in the Curling and Cutting workshops at Create Academy and Juno Academy in Korea.
  • After completed the workshop, I always hold an Internal Class with the team at JEPUNAYU Hair Design + Makeup.
  • March 2019 attended the invitation of the 110th Anniversary L’Oreal and Color Trophy in Paris, there I got a lot of inspiration in making hair trends today.
  • April 2019 JEPUNAYU Hair Design + Makeup salon launched its 3rd branch in Jimbaran.
  • June 2019 explored blow perm with Samchic from Korea at L’Oreal Academy Jakarta.
  • July 2019 returned to Korea to enhance cutting and curling technique at Create Academy and Juno Academy Korea.
  • When visiting Korea, I also did my own market survey related to existing salon services in Korea.
  • August 2019 studied balayage with Minkim (International Educator Loreal) @minkimcolorist (New York, USA) L’Oreal Professional International Artist at the Jakarta L’Oreal Academy.
  • September 2019 I returned to Japan to explore and enhance cutting with the Indonesian hairdresser community while also had vacation with family.
  • October 2019 got a visit from L’Oreal Apac to JEPUNAYU Hair Design + Makeup salon in Jimbaran branch.
  • 18-19 December 2019, I invited teacher from Japan to give an internal workshop by Sinichi to the JEPUNAYU Hair Design + Makeup team.
  • 20 February 2020 assisted L’Oreal webinars in Bali.


Behind our success story is a solid team who are members of our family. To make our customers happy, we also have to make ourselves happy first. We also share our knowledge and happiness which makes us different from others.