Oily Scalp Solution

The characteristics of an oily scalp:

  • The scalp produces excess oil,
  • Washed your hair in the morning but in the afternoon it’s already getting oily again without doing outdoor activities,
  • If you blow-dry the hair the longer it gets limp.


  • External: due to weather, unsuitable use of care products.
  • Internal: malnutrition, allergies, hormone imbalance


We recommend daily treatment with L'Oreal Serie Expert Pure Resource which contains vitamin E derivative technology that protects hair from aggression by external factors that cause stress. Anti-Calcareous Agent to clean the scalp from residue. With regular use, the scalp becomes clean, feels light, and is more nutritious.

For treatment at the salon, here are the steps:

  • Open the pores of the scalp with a nanomist
  • Oil removal with Sparkling Cleanser
  • Dinano is back for the absorption of the Sparkling Cleanser
  • Rinse with water and rub again
  • Use the Calmesh-All-In-One-Mask from root to hair shaft and then do a massage
  • Spa oil for relaxation awakens sleeping cells
  • Bresh Serum is applied to control the production of oil glands

For information, consultation, and treatment for oily scalp solutions, contact JepunAyu Hair Design + Makeup at WA +62 8133 8100 045.