Sensitive Scalp Problem

The characteristics of a sensitive scalp.

Acne occurs, red rashes, itchy and sore scalp.


  • External: unsuitable maintenance, continuous chemical process without maintenance, pollution and air
  • Internal: stress, fatigue, hormone imbalance, during treatment

The treatments we recommend:

  1. For daily care at home, you can use the L'Oreal Serie Expert Sensibalance Shampoo which contains Polysorbate 21 technology which protects and treats sensitive scalp, Vitamin PP which functions to moisturize the scalp so that it repairs follicles and cleanses the scalp to be more comfortable. For treatments using this shampoo, the scalp becomes clean, comfortable and the hair is easy to style.
  2. For salon treatments, with L'Oreal Serie Expert Inner Spa which is great for sensitive scalps. Because it contains glycerine to soothe sensitive scalps and as an anti-bacterial.

For maximum results, treatment should be done once a week for 6 consecutive weeks.

For information, consultation, and treatment for sensitive scalp solutions, please contact JepunAyu Hair Design + Makeup at WA +62 8133 8100 045.