Hair Spa Tips at Home

HAIR SPA is not only carried out at the salon, but for those of you who don't have time to go to the salon, you can do it at home with these tips that we recommend.

The following are easy steps for your own home hair spa:

  1. Wet hair
  2. Apply Hair Spa Scrub on the scalp. The scrub granules exfoliate the scalp, leaving it free of dandruff, oil free, dust and dirt free
  3. Rub the scalp for 3 minutes. Wash your hair with a Foaming Scrub or add a Shampoo Hair Spa (for very dirty scalp)

Hair Spa Scrub contains: Argan Shell to exfoliate the scalp, free from excessive oil, free of dust and dirt. Tea Tree Oil: contains anti-septic, soothes itching

  1. Nutrition hair shaft with Hair Spa Creambath

Hair Spa Detox Creambath contains: Tea Tree Oil and Menthol for anti-excess oil, anti-dandruff, anti-uncomfortable aroma, and fresh scalp.

Or with

Hair Spa Nourishing Creambath contains: Water Lily to soften dry hair, nourish damaged hair, make hair shiny

Massage the scalp for 20 minutes

  1. Rinse without shampoo
  2. Apply serum to nourish the hair shaft so that it is softer and shiny
  3. Dry hair, hair becomes fresh, and free of limp

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